Capacity Building

On-site & technical training

On-site training carried out within the framework of the Wagrinnova project​

On-site training is provided at the different working scales and for all participating stakeholders, encouraging the participation of women and youth. Local workshops for training of hub teams on approach, methods and tools are also considered.

TopicTrained ParticipantsDateLead Partner
Potato growing, in lowland equipped with irrigator-drain systemsFarmers’ Cooperatives2019IRD
Use of baseline toolsStudents2019UGB, CIRAD
Rice varieties & transplanting method, in lowland equipped with contour bunds.Women Rice Association2019IRD
Installation of a surface and groundwater observation system (equipment)Technician2019CIRAD, IRD
Surveys on production systems at farm scale, and for the installation and operation of the hydrology monitoring equipment.Technician2019CIRAD, IRD
Use of baseline tools in lowlandsTechnician2019CIRAD
Bioeconomic model at the farm level with the GAMs softwareResearchers2019IRD
The use of baseline tools (questionnaires) in irrigated schemesEnumerators2019ISRA, CIRAD
Weather services for agricultural drainageStudents 2020WUR
FarmerSupport App (rain gauge installation, data collection, introduction of smartphones & mobile App)Farmers 2020UDS, WUR
Soil moisture toolFarmers



Good agricultural practices, from land preparation to harvestFarmers, Researchers, Government actors2022INERA
Good agricultural practices & water managementFarmers, Researchers2022ISRA
Irrigation water management using water-yield response models: FAO-Aquacrop modelTechnicians, Researchers 2022CSIR-SARI
Operational principles & practical installation of soil moisture monitoring tools for irrigation schedulingFarmers 2022CSIR-SARI
Single seedlings row transplanting of riceFarmers, Technicians, Researchers 2022CSIR-SARI
Alternate wetting and drying as part of System of rice intensification (SRI) technologyFarmers 2022CSIR-SARI
Weed managementFarmers 2022CSIR-SARI

Technical & degree training carried out within the framework of the Wagrinnova project


  • Meda Dondeterlé, J., 2020. Pratiques et économie féminie dans les bas-fonds rizicoles. Cas de Bankandi et de Kankaniba. IRD-Burkina Faso. Mémoire présenté en vue de BTS, CAP Matourkou.


  • Hien Naab, P., 2021. Gestion intégrée de la fertilité dans les bas-fonds aménagés rizicoles (Dano) en fonction de situations diversifiées. IRD Burkina Faso. Mémoire présenté en vue de BTS, CAP Matourkou, 45p
  • Kadja Yelignisse, B.F., 2021. Adaptation, amélioration et réhabilitation d’ouvrages rizicoles de BF (région Dano). IRD Burkina Faso. Stage License 3 GEAAH, 2IE, 38p


  • Mamadou Zampaligre. Diagnostic du parc arboré des bas-fonds et propositions pour une agro-foresterie de bas-fond. Cas de Dano. ENF Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.
  • Traoré Jean-Baptiste, ENAFA Matourkou, Burkina Faso

Online courses

WEBINAR SERIES on “Agriculture Water in the Sahel” | 20 April -26 May 2022

Short talks on relevant research topics in water-managed systems by smallholder farmers. Organised by UGB (Senegal), UDS (Ghana), CIHEAM-Bari (Italy) and CSIC (Spain)

Session 1. DSS for smallholder farming in Sub-Saharan Africa | 20-21 April 2022

Moderator: Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic, UDS, Ghana

Session 2. Management of smallholder irrigation | 19-20 May 2022

Moderator: Bilal Derardja, CIHEAM Bari, Italy

Session 3. Water Resources | 25-26 May 2022

Moderator: Sidy Seck, UGB, Senegal

PhD and Master students

PhD thesis on sustainable intensification that are being carried out in the framework of the Wagrinnova project


Finda Bayo Diakhaté

PhD Thesis : Gestion de l’eau dans les périmètres irrigués de la vallée du fleuve Sénégal : quels impacts sur l’accroissement de la production des périmètres de Podor, Sénégal.

Institution/Partners involved : Université Gaston Berger (UGB), ISRA, CIRAD, IRD


Moustapha Mamadou Sall

PhD Thesis : Contribution à l’intensification durable des systèmes de culture dans les périmètres irrigués de la moyenne vallée du Fleuve Sénégal.

Institution/Partners involved : Université Gaston Berger (UGB), ISRA


Yaye Deffa Wane

PhD Thesis: Amélioration de la productivité agricole des systèmes irrigués dans la zone des Niayes, Sénégal.

Institution/Partners involved : Université Gaston Berger (UGB)


Jacques Kissou

PhD Thesis: Développement et conception d’outils participatifs et technologies agricoles économes de l’eau, protecteurs des sols et adaptés aux contextes agropédologiques rizicoles dans l’Ouest du Burkina Faso.

Institution/Partners involved : Université Nazi Boni (UNB), INERA

PhD Yakubu_redef

Yakubu Balma Issaka

PhD Thesis: Sustainable intensification as a response to climate change: evidence from the Savelugu district in the northern region of Ghana.

Institution/Partners involved : UDS

Master thesis carried out within the framework of the Wagrinnova project




    • Sérigne Magaye Diop. Analyse des comptes d’exploitation dans les cuvettes de maraîchage du Gandiolais (Saint-Louis). UGB, Sénégal.
    • Oumar Thiam. Intégration de l’élevage de Oreochromis niloticus dans les cuvettes de maraîchage de la zone du Gandiolais (Saint-Louis). UGB, Sénégal.
    • Francisca Nadège Setondji Vodounnou. Étude de la qualité de l’oignon selon les pratiques culturales dans la zone du Gandiolais (Saint-Louis). UGB, Sénégal.
    • Fabrice Somé. Effets des retards de mise en œuvre des itinéraires techniques sur la productivité du riz (Oryza sativa) de bas-fond : cas de Bankandi et Kankaniba dans la province du Ioba au Burkina Faso. Université Nazi Boni, Burkina Faso.
    • Marnette I. Atipo. Dynamique des nappes superficielles en zone de bas fond soudanien et potentiel de valorisation pour les cultures de contre saison: Cas du bas de Kankaniba. 2IE, Burkina Faso.
    • Baba Mohammadu Jamadeen. Understadning the use of soil moisture information in Agricultural decision-making in Northern Ghana. UDS, Ghana.
    • Abdulai Kantunsong Issahaku. Assessment of soil properties and moisture characterisitcs in relation to crop stress in three rice farming communities in Northern Ghana. UDS, Ghana.
    • Victoria Lefevre. Designing a soil moisture advisory tool to increase resilience of small holder farmers against climate change in Global South. WUR, The Netherlands

MSc in Land and Water Management at CIHEAM Bari

CIHEAM IAM-Bari granted for young female researchers to pursue the Master in Sustainable Water and Land Management in Agriculture


MSc Thesis:  Agricultural reuse of domestic wastewater by constructed wetlands using Ghanaian plants: a pilot-scale field investigation.



Sadya Roseline NACRO

MSc Thesis: The effect of smart irrigation and fertility management practices on rice cultivation in Burkina Faso.



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