• Article in Spanish Newsletter: “Del Huerto a la investigación más puntera: lo que las mujeres aportan a la agricultura en el Sahel“- El País, 17 September 2021
  • Radio broadcast presenting the Wagrinnova project and its activities in the LLV-SN hub, Gandiol, Senegal. Interview with Ibrahima Diatta (UGB) on Global Radio, an initiative interview with Ibrahima Diatta for Global Radio, a bilateral initiative between the Lab LASPAD (UGB) and the Center for Global Studies at the University of Rabat (UIR). 17 July 2021. In French.
  • Radio broadcast about fish farming at the LLV-SN Hub, Gandiol, Senegal. Interview with a participating farmer for Radio Gem Sunu Bopp FM, the Community radio of Gandiol. 14 August 2021. In Wolof.
  • Radio broadcast about Wagrinnova activities at the LLV-SN Hub, Gandiol. Interview with Deffa Wane (UGB) for tRadio Gem Sunu Bopp FM, the Senegal. Community radio of Gandiol. 17 July 2021. In Wolof.

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