The DROP app aims to provide smallholder farmers with actionable information on expected rainfall and soil moisture on a daily, 7-days, 14-days basis. 

Where to get? Google Play Store (Access only thorugh application with WUR)

For whom? Rainfall dependent smallholder famers

Output? 1 to 14 days rainfall forecasts and 1 week soil moisture forecasts

Example taken from the user manual: soil moisture forecast for 16 June 2022 with 7 days lead time Nakpanzoo
Training session on the App at Nakpanzoo (Ghana)

Rice farmers in the case study  lowland valley communities were clear about their need for better rainfall and soil moisture information. And they were motivated to collaborate in the design process, because they saw the value of better forecasts and of more knowledge on weather forecasting in general. During the coproduction process, the farmers have improved their ability to use the tool and understand the information. And the app was designed to align with the capabilities and wishes of the farmers.

Local forecasts are combined with expert model (meteoblue) forecasts. These are integrated in a simple bucket model with additionally soil, temperature data leading to soil moisture forecasts. Initial condition setting and validation is done with satellite soil moisture and farmer’s observations. The DROP app is offering location specific information. Location data (coordinates, crops used, soil characteristics, climate and weather data) are needed, and this requires farmers to register and to answer a few questions before they start using the app. Potentially the app is usable everywhere in the world, but due to the cost of rainfall forecast and satellite observation data, there is a financial threshold, because user rights and databases in the app need to be adjusted.

Contact: spyros.paparrizos@wur.nl

More information: Sutanto et al. (2022)www.waterapps.net

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